Turkish Association of Family Physicians (TAHUD)

Association of Family Physicians (AHUD) has been founded on 22 June 1990 and turned into Turkish Association of Family Physicians (TAHUD) on 22 March 1998. It has nine branches and 2888 members. 
TAHUD participated WONCA Europe Regional Meeting on 7 September 1995 and is a member of WONCA Europe Region since 2003.
WONCA Europe Conferences have been organized in Istanbul, Turkey twice (in 2008 and in 2015) with the highest number (approximately 4800) of participants. 
TAHUD celebrated 30th Anniversary on 22 June 2020.

Turkey is being represented actively in the WONCA Europe Council, networks and SIGs of WONCA Europe. 
WONCA Europe Council delegate: Dr. Ali Öztürk
EURACT: Prof. Dr. Esra Saatci (EURACT Board member and former honorary treasurer) 
EGPRN: Prof. Dr. Ayse Caylan (EGPRN Board member)
EQuIP : Prof. Dr. Hamdi Nezih Dagdeviren
EUROPREV : Prof. Dr. Serdar Oztora (EUROPREV Board member)
EURIPA: Dr. Nur Sehnaz Hatipoglu
EYFDM: Dr. Ekin Dikmen
Association of GP/FM of South-East Europe: Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Mazicioglu (Honorary Secretary)

TAHUD organizes annual national congress and various courses, workshops and other scientific meetings.  
The 23rd National Congress will be held in Ankara on 7 - 10 November 2024. 

TAHUD publishes “Turkish Journal of Family Practice” since 1997 as four issues a year.
Turkey is the third leading country in Europe in terms of research in family medicine.  

The Board of Family Medicine (TAHYK) was founded in 2004 and actively working on coordination, improvement, standardization and certification of postgraduate Family Medicine education and training. 

Specialization Training (ST)
ST duration is for three years in Turkey. Of these 36 months; 18 months is for primary care. 

Short History of Family Medicine Specialization in Turkey 
The family medicine specialization started in 1985 in three big cities of Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir). The residents were recruited in nine state hospitals of the Ministry of Health.  
On 16 July 1993 High Education Council decided that departments of family medicine should be established in Medical Schools of universities.  
The first academic achievement was recorded in 1996, with the first two associate professors of family medicine in Turkey (Prof. Dr. Suleyman Gorpelioglu and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Tuzcular Vural).  As of 2020, we have 79 departments (in the universities), 35 clinics (in the state hospitals of the Ministry of Health), 69 full professors, 69 associate professors, 81 assistant professors.

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Or you can email us at tahud@tahud.org.tr.